What is, is.
What is not, could be.

I have this idea how to save the world.
It might make things worse
It might lead in the wrong direction
It might be a waste of effort and money
It might be a waste of hope
Yet not trying would be to betray my intuition.
What if it works?

I sold my business to give my dream a chance to thrive, and created the Foundation for Digital Peace Talks at the end of 2016.

Iwan Ittermann


The key purpose of the Foundation for Digital Peace Talks is to foster the development of a open source software called Digital Peace Talks that enables all humans to enter a fair and meaningful discourse.

This is how Digital Peace Talks works:

1. Any user can pose an open question to the public.
2. All other users may, with a pseudonym ID, publish their personal answer to this question.
3. Users that don´t agree with this opinion and have published their own can contact the author, requesting to add credibilty to his or her answer by cooperativly developing its plausibility

4. Both enter a public visible, but closed and intersubjective dialog, with the possibility to thread certain passages for better overview.
Whenever one feels his or her personal rules for respectful dialog overstepped, he or she can halt the dialog and have both enter crisis mode. If they don´t figure out how they want to talk to each other within a chosen periode of time, both loose the right to talk to each other about this question.

Whenever the author receives input from the other, that makes him change his opinion, he marks that specific passage and updates his opinion. The amount of updates can function as a indication of quality to others

Public opinions will be visualized in an endless three-dimensional space.

The center of a discourse is the original question and all opinions are positioned around it. Similar Opinions are grouped together and have similar colours. The user can choose up to 7 colors, each representing one dimension of similarity for the comparing machine.

A new user typing in his opinion is displayed similar opinions, their already discussed and accepted shortcomings aswell as how they developed. All being well this might lead to a fuse of fragmentation in public opinion, easy graspable as visuell harmoisation.

This is how we intend to control trolling and the use of bots:

All activity of a pseudonym ID is transparent and tracked, enabling the attachment and visualisation of various indicators (ie. for treacherous multi accounting, destructive behavior or automatic programms). Tracking of Time spent online lays bare switching patterns of multiple accounts or nonstop/unnatural activity of automatic programms, tracking of time spent in crisis mode indicates intentional destructive behaviour.

Illegal content is flagged and then reviewed by moderators, which are elected for 3 months, 50% by users (moderators can´t review content created by users that voted for them) and 50% by a random allocation of votes. In case of suspected illegality the content is made inaccesible untill legal authorities decide upon the case. If judge quilty, the IDs IP will be made avaible to the authorities. If not, content will be made accesible again and further flagging disabled.



We are just getting started.

Those are the next three steps that we want to go:

First step is to theoretical consultations and approaching users.
We want to visit experts in heart and/or mind on the field of free opinion on al five continents and ask them for to contribute relevant knowledge and critque.
Aswel we will visit groups that hold a minority opinion, that is to say their opinion is less valued in the public discourse. we are asking them how the envision a fair and constructive discourse and which questions they would like to discuss with who.
Results will be summarized in a white paper.
Duration: 01.03.18 - 01.06.18

The second step is about turning the new profound concept to code.
We will develop everything as open source software with idealistic developpers from all over the world. Several paid full time developers form the core team, leading the development.
It is wonderfull that the internet brings humans, interested in the same topic, together allmost automaticly. We see this reciprocal attraction, the finding each other, the best and most effective way to choose staff.
The aim is to build a functioning Version, that enables a constructive discourse with 200 people.
Duration: 01.06.18 - 31.12.19

Third step is to, with a functioning version but hardly any more money, find philantropic patronizers.
One day, when our vision become a nessecairy part of public opinion and has utility for everyone, it will be able to pay for itself. But the Foundation for Digital Peacetalks does not posses enough ressources to reach this point. To bridge the gap, we will once ask super rich humans, charitable instituitions created by them and public sector entities for a contribution.
Our dream is to use the new funds to create one or several places where we can focus on and for the project with the least amount of financial coercion.
Duration: 01.01.19 – 01.03.19

We have no idea what could happen after this. Future will have itself seen. Lets give it a warm welcome!

Feel free to write me any time:
email address


Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG:
Die Stiftung für digitale Friedensgespräche ist ein treuhänderisch verwalteter Stiftungsfonds innerhalb der Dachstiftung für individuelles Schenken
GLS Treuhand e.V.
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Ansprechpartner für den Stiftungsfonds „Stiftung für digitale Friedensgespräche":

Iwan Ittermann

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